Syndey Leday Struggling to Pay $200K In Hospital Bills, Family Creates GoFundMe Account Campaign

Syndey Leday Struggling to Pay $200K In Hospital Bills, Family Creates GoFundMe Account Campaign

While fans, friends, and family still mourn the passing of TakeOff, the woman who was also caught in the incident that evening is still trying to make sense of her life. While the Migos rapper Takeoff did not make it out, Sydney Leday did. She, too, was struck and has been trying to figure out how to pay her mounting hospital bills since that Halloween after-party.



The Shade Room did a deep dive into Sydney Leday and the events that changed her life. She was out celebrating her 24th birthday on Halloween and dressed up as a nun. Friends invited her to attend the party where Migos rappers Quavo and TakeOff were present. “I’ve never been in a situation or known anybody that had to go through what I’m going through,” she told TSR. “I’m just working on trying to get back to a normal. As much as possible.”

Leday recalls getting to the bowling alley at around 1 am to hang out with her friends. When asked when she noticed the energy of the evening shift, she said, “in the end of the event. When we got outside, and it was time for everybody to go home, that’s when things changed.” Leday recalls seeing rapper Quavo arguing with another man. “The argument broke out between them, and then everybody else came outside. It wasn’t really an argument initially. It seemed like it was more of them talking about the game.” She said she was caught off guard when she realized it was getting serious.



Loud noises rang moments later, and Sydney dropped to the ground feeling a sting in her head. She says her wig and wig cap helped soften the blow, but she was still injured and spent days in a coma. This is Sydney’s second interview since the incident, back in January, the young woman and her mother sat with KHOU 11 to discuss the incident. The local news station shared images of Sydney from her hospital bed hooked up to tubes.

Sydney Leday is struggling to pay off her $200k in hospital bills. She has a GoFundMe set up to help her. She has currently raised $13k of the $150k she is asking for help with. None of the parties involved seem to have donated yet, including Quavo or J Prince. At this time, HPD has not confirmed the person responsible for Sydney’s injuries as the main focus has been Takeoff. Sydney says she’s more concerned with getting her life back than she is worried about finding the person responsible. Since TheShadeRoom posted the interview, Sydney’s GoFundMe has raised close to another $2k.


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