Rosalía Announces Engagement to Rauw Alejandro in New Music Video

Rosalía Announces Engagement to Rauw Alejandro in New Music Video

Rosalia is engaged to Rauw Alejandro!

The artists made the announcement in their new track, “BESO,” which they released just a few hours ago.

The video features glimpses into the pair’s three-year relationship, including intimate clips of them waking up together, traveling around the world, hanging out onstage at their shows, and enjoying simple, special moments.

In the final scene, the music fades and the screen is taken over by a phone clip of Rosalía wiping happy tears off her face and showing her diamond engagement ring.

“Oh, my God,” she says in Spanish before kissing her fiancé and telling him, “I love you.”

The singer shared a clip of the music video on her Instagram, celebrating the release of RЯ, her three-song collaboration with Alejandro, which includes “BESO,” “VAMPIROS,” and “PROMESA.”

She wrote in Spanish in the caption, “After more than 3 years together here are 3 songs made with all the love in the world 💝 I hope you enjoy this little piece of us.”

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ROSALÍA, Rauw Alejandro – BESO (Official Video)

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Jessica Flinn-Allen, the founder of engagement and wedding ring brand Jessica Flinn, tells that Rosalía’s new rock has an estimated cost of $183,000.

In a statement, she says, “We can see that Rosalía’s ring has an oval diamond centre stone, which is a very popular shape at the moment for celebrity engagement rings given that Vanessa Hudgens and Hailie Jade (Eminem’s daughter) have also received this shape.”

She adds, “However, Rosalía’s is set into a vintage style design with diamond trefoil side stones. The oval looks to be around 3-4 carat, giving the ring a total value of around $146,000-$183,000 (£120,000 – £150,000) based on a platinum mount.”


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