Lil Wayne Says He Had To Teach Him & Lauren London’s 10-Yr-Old Son How To Be Man Of The House After Nipsey Passed

Lil Wayne Says He Had To Teach Him & Lauren London’s 10-Yr-Old Son How To Be Man Of The House After Nipsey Passed

Many lives changed the day that rapper Nipsey Hussle’s life was taken from this earth. For one, his family was directly affected by his untimely passing. But in addition to his fans and many supporters,

his longtime girlfriend, actress Lauren London, and their children were among the family affected. Now, her former ex-boyfriend and father of her child, Lil Wayne, is speaking up on how he helped out.

Before dating Nipsey Hussle in 2013, Lauren London was in an on-again-off-again relationship with rapper Lil Wayne. But, according to her interview with Kathleen Cross, the ATL actress met the New Orleans rapper when she was 15.

From there, the two entered a whirlwind romance that she says “didn’t make it.” Lil Wayne also indirectly detailed his love for the actress in his 2002 released song “Young’n Blues.” London also spoke on their brief engagement in the interview, but their efforts to make the relationship work were unsuccessful. However, she expressed that no matter what, she will always remain a “dear friend” to Lil Wayne.

However, one success story did come from their relationship. In September 2009, Lauren London gave birth to the then couple’s first child Kameron Carter. Her next child, Kross Ermias Asghedom, would be with Nipsey Hussle, whom she dated until his death in March 2019.

Many people stepped up to help Lauren London during her time of grief. One of those people was her “dear friend” Lil Wayne. During his interview with Fat Joe, he explained that he was “more than ready and more than willing” to step up for the actress. But the most important thing, he explains, was teaching their son to become the man now.

Lil Wayne expressed that he taught their son that he was now more than just a big brother to Kross. “I had to teach him how to step up and become the man of the damn house at such a young age,” the rapper said. In addition, he said that his son responded exceptionally well to the teachings, describing it as sitting “behind the driver’s seat, and he’s gone.”


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