Kourtney Kardashian’s Deadpan Reaction to TikTok Hate Comments Is Too Funny

Kourtney Kardashian’s Deadpan Reaction to TikTok Hate Comments Is Too Funny

Kourtney Kardashian is so unbothered by hate comments that she’s willing to read them all aloud for a TikTok.

In a new TikTok posted by Lemme, Kardashian’s vitamin supplement brand, the reality TV star put the spotlight on a string of comments left by some haters who had something to say about her family, her clothes, and even just the way she speaks.

“Can the Kardashians just retire?” one comment read. Kardashian shrugged and responded, “That would be nice.”

There were also a few comments about her choice of attire: a T-shirt featuring punk band Agnostic Front. “A Kardashian wearing an Agnostic Front shirt. Really? Does she even know who they are?” one TikTok user wrote. “Absolutely not,” Kardashian answered. “And we’re not playing that game today.”

When another commenter challenged her to name three songs by the band, Kardashian continued, “It is a shirt from my husband’s closet, and I will wear his shirts for life.”

Yet another user accused Kardashian of never eating her own gummy vitamin supplements on camera. Her response? To take a cup and spit out the matcha gummy she was chewing on. “I’ve had enough matcha for the day,” she joked.

Watch all her hilarious reactions below.

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This is not the first time Kardashian has had candid responses to less-than-flattering commentary about her on the Internet. When someone questioned whether or not she was pregnant, the reality TV star immediately shut down the speculation by saying it was “the after effects of IVF.”

“I only acknowledge this comment because I do think it’s important to know how IVF affects women’s bodies and it’s not spoken about much,” she continued. “Also are we still asking women if they’re pregnant?”


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