Kandi Burruss Calls LaTocha Scott “Corny” For Making Fun Of Her Voice [Video]

Kandi Burruss Calls LaTocha Scott “Corny” For Making Fun Of Her Voice [Video]

Kandi Burruss has responded to several claims made by her Xscape group mate, LaTocha Scott, in a video shared to YouTube last week. Within the clip, Scott denies stealing $30K from her sister Tamika Scott, and doubles down on her claim that Kandi often took issue when she would sing lead.

Burruss also addressed the gospel singer making fun of her vocal ability in the clip, saying it was “corny” of Scott to do so considering they’ve been singing together for decades.

“You are trying to clown a person’s voice whose voice is leading on half the hits that is your claim to fame,” the restaurateur said. “The biggest hit that you’ve ever been on, which is ‘Just Kickin’ It,’ is the voice that you’ve been clowning.”

“Me and you are in a group together,” she added. “We supposed to make money together, we supposed to hit the stage together…but you on your video trying to make jokes about my voice, the same voice [that’s] accomplished more than you with your amazing voice that you try to put out there that you have!”

Burruss then added that she already has a No. 1 Gospel single in “Stay Prayed Up,” a feat the Motown Gospel-signee is still looking to accomplish as a solo star.

“You trying to join on the bandwagon of other people clowning your group member that goes on stage with you and makes money with you? Where they do that at? If you clowning me, you clowning yourself!”

Kandi then takes it a step further, sharing that LaTocha’s voice has also come into question.

“On top of that, yeah, people been clowning me, but lately they been clowning you, too, for singing them same, tired runs you been singing since 1993. They been clowning you, too, but have I been trying to go online like, ‘oh, she sang them same, tired runs,’ it’s not like I never thought it.”

After denying Scott’s claim that it took her and group mate Tameka “Tiny” Harris hours to lay down vocals for a song with Joe, the Real Housewives Of Atlanta star addressed Scott claiming that she walked in on Kandi crying in the studio during a session because she didn’t want LaTocha singing lead. According to Burruss, however, she teared up for a completely different reason.

Kandi claims that the group’s third album was produced with the intention of setting up LaTocha for a solo project. Because of this, according to Kandi, other group members were often left in the dark. On this particular occasion, Kandi arrived to the studio to discover one of their songs had been completed without herself, Tamika and Tiny, with producer Jermaine Dupri only bringing in Kandi to lay down background vocals to ensure it could still pass as an Xscape record.

“In what world should my other group members have not been invited…to an Xscape session?,” Burruss questioned. “So, to be clear to you, I didn’t have a problem with Tocha…I had a problem with our producer, our label head. I was addressing him and it became an argument.

“Ya’ll know how I am when I be arguing or when I’m upset or I’m passionate, my eyes tear up,” she went on. “So yes, she did walk in on me and Jermaine arguing about a song that she was singing solo on, but you got to put it in context. Don’t just tell people I’m mad because you singing solo. I’m mad because ya’ll didn’t invite our entire group to be a part of a song that’s supposed to be for Xscape.”

Check out her full reply below.


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