Former NBA Player Karl Malone Impregnating 13-Year-Old Girl & Refusing To Pay $125 Monthly In Child Support Resurfaces

Former NBA Player Karl Malone Impregnating 13-Year-Old Girl & Refusing To Pay $125 Monthly In Child Support Resurfaces

Karl Malone is back in the press this week after resurfacing during All-Star weekend. The NBA vet has a long career of highs in the league but has also faced some damning accusations along the way.

One case revolving around him and a 13-year-old girl is being dug up, and fans are wondering what happened to the story and how it was managed to be buried so many years ago. Meanwhile, Karl is unfazed.


2023’s National Basketball League All-Star Weekend took place February 18th and 19th in Salt Lake City, Utah. The star-studded event featured all the top players in the league, including LeBron James. While the event is usually considered must-see TV, this year’s installment is reportedly the lowest rated and least watched in the history of the program.

4.59 million viewers tuned in to watch Team LeBron lose to Team Giannis 184 to 175. This downward trajectory began in 2021 and has seen the viewership drop more and more every year.

According to Dailymail, “viewership dropped by 27 percent from the 2022 version as ratings also decreased by 29 percent – the biggest fall since 2000.” Most people did not enjoy the games, including Stephen A. Smith, who declared it was the worst he’d seen in years.

Karl Malone played from 1985 to 2004 and has several All-Star stints to his name. The power forward played for the Utah Jazz for much of his career, so understandably, he would be in attendance for a Utah-hosted All-Star weekend. Fans excited to see Malone were quickly reminded of Malone’s past, which includes being an absentee father to son and fellow sports star Demetrius Bell.


Bell’s father reportedly wanted nothing to do with the boy, which he had out of wedlock. Malone also has two other children that he fathered outside of his marriage, twins Daryl and Cheryl Ford. While Demetrius has gone on to be very successful, the story of Karl Malone and his mother is still a shocking one.

Demetrius’ mother, Gloria Bell, was reportedly only 13 years old when she gave birth. Malone was a 20-year-old college sophomore at the time. Gloria and the twin’s mother, Bonita Ford, both took Malone to court for paternity, and the story hit the press.

Karl’s lawyer at the time insisted that Malone settled the lawsuit before any conclusive evidence of paternity was established, so he never found out for sure if Bell was his son. However, reports reveal that there was evidence collected that proved Bell was Malone’s son. In addition to this, he refused to pay the $125 a week he was ordered to give Bell as child support calling it “excessive.”

Fans immediately reminded the world of this story when Malone was invited to judge the dunk contest over the weekend. Many hoped he would take accountability for impregnating a child and abandoning his son. Karl was forced to release a statement defending himself, saying, “I’m not discussing any of that backlash. I don’t care. That’s my life, that’s my personal life, and I’ll deal with that like I’ve had to deal with everything. So, whatever.”


Karl Malone has doubled down on his position and still continues to ignore the backlash. The son he had with the thirteen-year-old girl is now in his thirties.


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