Father Heartbroken After Learning The Son He’s Been Raising Is Actually His Uncle & His Girl Is Now His Grandma

Father Heartbroken After Learning The Son He’s Been Raising Is Actually His Uncle & His Girl Is Now His Grandma

TikTok has a disturbing trend of people admitting some pretty wild things over a cover of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy.” The confessions range from silly to crazy to downright sad. One man used the trend to tell the truth about a woman he was dating and the child he thought they shared together.

In the viral video, which is currently sitting at 1.3 million views, the man is seen sitting in his car crying. The eight-second clip features a text overlay that reads, “Found out my son was really my uncle.” While that sentence might be confusing on its own,


the man elaborates further, saying, “my granddad was [messing with] my girl the whole time we was staying with him.” People in the comments admitted that they were immediately confused until they reread it a few times. “I was confused, and now I understand, I want to go back to being confused,” said one person. Another echoed the same sentiment saying, “Who was confused at first and read it again.”

To break it down, the guy who goes by the name of StackS on Tiktok was dating a girl. His girlfriend was cheating with his grandfather who happens to be the parent of either his mother or father – making the child his parent’s sibling – and his uncle.

According to StackS, him and his girlfriend were living with his grandfather at some point, and the grandfather was having an affair with her the whole time. People in the comments made things worst, pointing out, “your girl is now your grandma.” Another person tried to help him see the bright side, saying, “Now you ain’t got a kid! Be happy!”

While some people believe the story is made up, but still enjoying the drama. There are videos of StackS and the kid uploaded on his account. “Chilling with my Jr We outside today” the viral star captioned the video while viewers poked fun calling the kid is suncle.

StackS still remains hopeful he’ll find a good woman, and he may not have to wait too long. In the comment section, women are already shooting their shot. One female viewer stated, “you attractive looking guy I know it’s better out there for you.”


We’ll keep you posted as more drama unfolds from this story.


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