Celebrities Men Who Have Had Some Of Worst Luck When It Comes To Their Mistresses

Celebrities Men Who Have Had Some Of Worst Luck When It Comes To Their Mistresses

Celebrity men get away with a lot. For the right rich superstar, life can consist of a whole family, a second one, a mistress, and a girlfriend. Some guys can pull it off for years with no issues, but for others, karma can strike fast. Let’s take a look at a couple of famous guys who are regretting stepping out on their wives.

Tiger Woods career was mostly unscathed until he was discovered to be cheating on his wife with several women. It was revealed in 2009 that Tiger had been cheating on Elin Nordegren, with New York City nightclub manager Rachel Uchitel. Woods would get into a car accident days after the story broke, blaming it on a “private matter.” While he took time to himself to heal, various other women came forward with stories about being intimate with the professional golfer. He was forced to take an indefinite hiatus from golf while several big-name companies dropped him from partnerships.

Another woman named Theresa Rogers tried to take Woods to court for over $2 million in child support for her then 5-year-old daughter. The girl turned out to not be Tiger’s, but it certainly did not help his reputation. Most recently, Woods is in a heated court battle with his ex-girlfriend who claims the professional golfer put her out. Erica Herman is now requesting $30 million for Tiger Woods.

Kevin Hunter’s infidelity derailed Wendy Williams’s entire empire. Despite cheating on her for years, things finally came to a head when he fathered a child with his mistress Sharina. While Hunter seemed to get off scot-free initially, with a nice alimony payment and a new family, Williams had the last laugh. In addition to firing him and rendering him “unhirable,” she also left her show and has not returned to television. Fortunately for Kevin Hunter, his mistress did not try to drain him. However, she did cause him to lose everything. As a result, he can no longer collect payments from Wendy Williams and is currently facing foreclosure.

Tristan Thompson can never seem to cheat successfully. Khloe Kardashian’s baby daddy has been stepping out on her constantly since they got together. His affairs ruined the family friendship with Jordyn Woods and eventually resulted in a child with fitness instructor Maralee Nichols named Theo. Maralee ended up going to press with their story after Tristan denied fathering her child and did not help her with any child support. To date, he reportedly still has not seen the child or helped out. He and Khloe already had a second child together on the way, and between that and the passing of his mother recently, it looks like they might have gotten back together.

Scottie Pippen may be in the news mostly for his relationship with his now ex-wife Larsa Pippen. However, he was rumored to have been carrying out an affair during his first marriage to Karen McCollum. A woman named Chyvette Valentine says she was seeing him from 1987 to 1993. Valentine says that during their time together, she would often travel to see the Chicago Bulls star and rack up tons of bills on flights, hotels, and more.

She took Pippen to court for $9,999 back in 2019, which was the highest amount she was able to sue for in small claims court. Eventually, Scottie came clean about being married in 1988, but they kept seeing each other.


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